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The Paris Review No. 28, Summer-Fall 1962

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The Buddhist monk who swallowed a canary: Henry Miller on the Art of Fiction.

Confucianism, fascism, and treason: An interview with Ezra Pound.

An essay by Alfred Chester. Stories by Ingeborg Bachmann, Samuel Beckett, and Jorge Luis Borges. Poems by Patrick Bowles, Donald Finkel, and William Meredith.

Table of Contents


Ingeborg Bachmann, Everything

Samuel Beckett, from How It Is

Jorge Luis Borges, Funes the Memorious

Albert J. Guerard, The Lusts and Gratifications of Andrada


Henry Miller, The Art of Fiction No. 28  Full Text

Ezra Pound, The Art of Poetry No. 5  Full Text


Patrick Bowles, Two Sonnets

Steve Bronson, Two Poems

George Mackay Brown, The Sailor, The Old Woman, and The Girl

Robert Patrick Dana, Meditations On A Woman’s Voice

Donald Finkel, To Professor So-And-So

Christopher Logue, from a new English version of Homer’s Iliad, Book Sixteen

William Meredith, To Bertholt Brecht  Full Text

Donald Petersen, Paris Again

Ezra Pound, Two Poems

David Ray, Two Farm Scenes

William Stafford, The Wanderer Awaiting Preferment


Alfred Chester, In the Cold

Hans Kinkel, The Sculptor Gustav Seitz

André Maurois, A Note on Jorge Luis Borges

Ezra Pound, A Prison-Letter, An Autobiographical Outline


Gustav Seitz, Drawings and Sculptures