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The Paris Review No. 54, Summer 1972

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“I do not want to be remembered. These are dehumanizing times—it’s best to be forgotten”: An interview with Jerzy Kosinski.

A movie-picture outline by James Ivory, Michael O’Donoghue, and George Trow.

Stories by Gail Godwin and Harry Mathews. Poems by Allen Ginsberg and Ron Padgett.

Table of Contents


James Ivory, Michael O'Donoghue, and George Swift Trow, Savages: A Motion Picture Outline

Kenward Elmslie, Tropicalism

Gail Godwin, Some Side Effects of Time Travel

Harry Mathews, The Sinking of the Odradek Stadium

Michael Rothschild, The Austringer

David Shetzline, Country of the Painted Freaks


Jerzy Kosinski, The Art of Fiction No. 46  Full Text


Tom Clark, Three Poems

Allen Ginsberg, An Open Window on Chicago

Faye Kicknosway, Our Gang: Ginger

Ron Padgett, Two Poems

Tom Walsh, Two Poems


Howard Grey, The Open Secret