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The Paris Review No. 39, Fall 1966

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“One mustn’t be so rigid or egotistical to think that every comma is sacrosanct”: Edward Albee on the Art of Theater.

An Art of Theater interview with Harold Pinter.

e.e. cummings’ letters to Ezra Pound. Stories by Leonard Michaels and Dallas E. Wiebe.

Table of Contents


Leonard Michaels, City Boy

Dallas E. Wiebe, Skyblue on the Dump


Edward Albee, The Art of Theater No. 4  Full Text

Harold Pinter, The Art of Theater No. 3  Full Text


Michael Brownstein, Florence Was Fine in the Summertime

Tom Clark, Two Poems

Diane di Prima, Rondeau for the Yule

Harry Fainlight, Trans

Lee Harwood, As Your Eyes Are Blue

Pablo Neruda, Two Poems

Ron Padgett, Mister Horse

John Perreault, The Lights

David Shapiro, Brother

Sotere Torregian, Kool Aid -- Elegy on the Death of My Uncle

Tony Towle, Midnight


E. E. Cummings, Letters to Ezra Pound


Martial Raysse, Text and Portfolio