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the Daily

A Journey of Discovery

From the cover of South Mountain Road.“My mother killed herself on the first day of spring.” That’s the first line of Hesper Anderson’s memoir, South ...

September 4, 2015 12:01 PM

Flush with Talent, and Other News

Minako Nishiyama, Miki Kasahara, Yuma Haruna, Melting Dream, 2014. Photo by Yasunori Takeuchi. Courtesy ToilennaleJoy Williams has a new collection out, and a ...

September 4, 2015 09:25 AM

The Citadel

In his ninety-three years, Chimen Abramsky amassed a vast collection of socialist literature and Jewish history. Here, his grandson Sasha explores some of the ...

September 3, 2015 06:40 PM

How to Name Your Baby

Illustration: Elmar ErschWhenever anyone frowns upon the Daily for publishing work they find obscene, frivolous, or otherwise undeserving of the prestigious ...

September 3, 2015 04:23 PM

The Waiting Game

The first release of “September Song.”One of my “parlor tricks,” if such you can call it, used to be performing the Kurt Weill standard “September ...

September 3, 2015 01:01 PM

Demolishing the Literary Gynaeceum, and Other News

From the cover of The Story of the Lost Child.Elena Ferrante would like to remind you, now that her novel The Story of the Lost Child is out, that she is not a ...

September 3, 2015 09:15 AM