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The Beauty of Code

We’re out until January 5, but we’re re-posting some of our favorite pieces from 2014 while we’re away. We hope you enjoy—and have a happy New Year! ...

December 22, 2014 10:36 AM

Staff Picks: Crayoned Cartoons and Computer Corruption

James Hoff, Stuxnet No. 1, 2014, chromaluxe transfer on aluminum, 30" × 24". Image via BOMB I caught Susan Te Kahurangi King’s exhibition at Andrew Edlin ...

December 19, 2014 07:14 PM


From the cover of Louisa May Alcott’s An Old-Fashioned Girl. The past, as we know, is another country, and from the age of four or so, I wished passionately ...

December 19, 2014 04:59 PM

Ghosts on the Nog

The great English tradition of Christmas ghost stories. One of John Leech’s illustrations for A Christmas Carol, 1842. I’ve long thought of Christmastime ...

December 19, 2014 02:15 PM | 7 comments

Made in Hollywood

Budd Schulberg’s centennial. Budd Schulberg (center) at the Watts Writers’ Workshop, ca. 1965. “My problem,” novelist and screenwriter Budd Schulberg ...

December 19, 2014 12:17 PM

The Hattifatteners at Bedtime, and Other News

Tove Jansson‘s Hattifatteners. On a new biography of Tove Jansson: “She discovered lesbian love … Biographies invariably contain a section on her ...

December 19, 2014 09:30 AM