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The Paris Review No. 177, Summer 2006

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Peter Carey on the “dangers and pleasures” of writing novels.

James Tate on the art of poetry: “The thing that was magic about it was that once you put down one word, you could cross it out. . . . I put down mountain, then I'd go, no—valley. That's better.”

An encounter with a Serbian terrorist.

Sketches and watercolors by Woody Guthrie.

Table of Contents


Daniel Kehlmann, The Mathematician

Rose Tremain, A Game of Cards


Peter Carey, The Art of Fiction No. 188  Full Text

James Tate, The Art of Poetry No. 92  Full Text


Chris Forhan, Five Poems

Debora Greger, Six Poems

James Tate, Four Poems


Will Steacy, Awash


Andrew Rice, The Book of Wilson


Woody Guthrie, Rattle My Rattle


Christopher S. Stewart, Assassin  Full Text