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The Paris Review No. 164, Winter 2002-2003

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An Art of Fiction interview with Richard Powers.

“Murder at the Beau Rivage” by Michael Cunningham, Dave Eggers, Jonathan Franzen, James Lasdun, Nani Power, Joanna Scott, Julia Slavin, and Manil Suri: Eight distinguished writers collaborate on a serial crime story. Can you guess which writer wrote which section?

America in 1959: Italo Calvino’s Diaries.

Stories by Brian Evenson, Nell Freudenberger, and Shelley Jackson. Poems by Mohja Kahf, Kenneth Koch, and Kate Light.

Table of Contents


Brian Evenson, The Installation

Nell Freudenberger, Letter from the Last Bastion

Shelley Jackson, Husband

Richard Powers, Easter, 1939


Richard Powers, The Art of Fiction No. 175  Full Text


Joan Baranow, Grand Canyon

Artis Bernard, Water

Mark Bibbins, Four Poems

Henri Cole, At the Grave of Elizabeth Bishop

Constantine Contogenis, Ikaros

James Cummins, Thank You

Timothy Donnelly, His Long Imprison'd Thought

John Drury, Two Poems

Annie Finch, To Vivienne Eliot

Nick Flynn, Blind Huber

Carol Frost, Two Poems

Barbara Hamby, The Tawdry Masks of Women

A. M. Juster, Visions of the Serengeti

Mohja Kahf, Copulation in English

Tim Kendall, Two Poems

Bart King, An Abridged Treatise on St. Bart

Kenneth Koch, Two Poems

Kate Light, Two Poems

Andrew McCord, Five Poems

Ryan Murphy, Five Poems

Nick Norwood, Three Poems

Lawrence Raab, Why It Often Rains in the Movies

Bin Ramke, String

Ira Sadoff, Two Poems

Dabney Stuart, Santa Claus in the Desert

Deborah Warren, Two Poems


Boris Akunin, The Man in the Back Row Has a Question VIII

Italo Calvino, America: 1959-1960

Michael Cunningham, Murder at the Beau Rivage

Colin Dexter, Criminal Conversations

Maria Levitsky, Crime-Scene Photos


George Plimpton, Notice