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The Paris Review No. 190, Fall 2009

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James Ellroy on his novels: “If you’re confused about something in one of my books, you’ve just got to realize, Ellroy’s a master, and if I’m not following it, it’s my problem.”

Frederick Seidel on the Art of Poetry: “I like to hear the sound of form, and I like to hear the sound of it breaking.”

New stories by Sam Shepard, Richard Powers, and Mark Slouka.

Streetscapes from fifties New York.

A dispatch from North Korea from Barbara Demick.

Plus poems from Elizabeth Arnold and Timothy Donnelly and newly translated work by Rainer Maria Rilke.

Table of Contents


Richard Powers, Enquire Within Upon Everything

Sam Shepard, Four Days

Mark Slouka, Crossing  Full Text


James Ellroy, The Art of Fiction No. 201  Full Text

Frederick Seidel, The Art of Poetry No. 95  Full Text


Elizabeth Arnold, Effacement

Timothy Donnelly, Globus Hystericus  Full Text


W. Eugene Smith, Jazz Loft


Rainer Maria Rilke, Interiors  Full Text


Barbara Demick, Not Like I Don’t Like You