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The Paris Review No. 75, Spring 1979

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“In modern Christian symbolism a sweeter image of Jesus with the sheep in his arms has evolved, but I like the old image of Christ as the warring dragon”: An interview with John Gardner.

Peter Handke's Fantasies and Prejudices.

Stories by Andre Dubus and Mary Morris. Poems by Seamus Heaney and Octavio Paz.

Table of Contents


F. W. Dupee, Waiting

Scott Paul Elledge, Mary Kingsley's Importation of Duke Ellington to America

Barbara Milton, A Small Cartoon

Mary Morris, Holland


John Gardner, The Art of Fiction No. 73  Full Text

Irwin Shaw, The Art of Fiction No. 4 (Continued)  Full Text


George Bradley, In Bed with a River

Jorie Graham, Mirrors

Allen Grossman, Five Poems

Thom Gunn, Sweet Things

Seamus Heaney, Two Poems

MC Hyland, Street Money

David St. John, Lunch

Margaret Kent, Where It Came From

Miriam Levine, For a Poem

Herbert Morris, These Are Lives

Alan Nadel, Two Poems

Joyce Carol Oates, Three Poems

Octavio Paz, In the Middle of This Phrase

John Peck, Two Poems

John Peech, The Hardness of the Wind

Joyce Peseroff, April to May

Jayne Anne Philips, Two Poems

John Ramington, Theological Reflections at Roger's Tavern

Liam Rector, Two Poems

Florence Rubenfeld, Three Poems

Sherod Santos, Difficult Place

Richard Tillinghast, Sovereigns


Susan Astor, Word and Image

Daniel Handler, from Fantasies and Prejudices

James Salter, D'Annunzio: The Immortal Who Died


Chuck Close, Phil/Six Images 1969-78, Self-Portrait

Stephanie Brody Lederman, Heroic Couplet (The Hustle)

Allen Ruppersberg, Burning Issues