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The Paris Review No. 115, Summer 1990

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Iris Murdoch on the Communist Party, literary prototypes, religion without God, and the Art of Fiction.

An interview with Wallace Stegner: “I’ve never seen an Id—and I will run in another direction if I ever do!”

Stories by Padgett Powell, Paul West, and Marianne Wiggins. Poems by Alice Fulton, Ghalib, and Reynolds Price.

Table of Contents


Rick Bass, The Legend of Pig-Eye

Emmanuel Carrère, Channel Crossings

Padgett Powell, Mr. Irony, Mr. Irony Renounces Irony

Paul West, from Portable People

Marianne Wiggins, A Cup of Jo


Iris Murdoch, The Art of Fiction No. 117  Full Text

Wallace Stegner, The Art of Fiction No. 118  Full Text


Tim Dlugos, G-9

Alice Fulton, Two Poems

Ghalib, Two Ghazals

Andrew Klavan, The Pond

Kenneth Koch, A Time Zone

James Laughlin, Two Poems

Elizabeth Macklin, Two Poems

Walter McDonald, Two Poems

Kathleen Norris, A Prayer to Eve

Oskar Pastior, 12 POEMPOEMS

Reynolds Price, A Single Bed, a Backstreet in Venice. Two young men.

Yannis Ritsos, from Repetitions

J. Allyn Rosser, Two Poems

Robert Saxton, Two Poems

Susan Wheeler, Lasting Influence

Baron Wormser, Two Poems


Lesley Blanch, Notes from the Wilder Shores

W. S. Merwin, The Wake of the Blackfish: A Memoir of George Kirstein


George Plimpton, Notice


Jessica Diamond, New Economic Shorthand

Raymond Pettibon, Untitled