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The Paris Review No. 155, Summer 2000

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T. Coraghessan Boyle on God, rock ‘n’ roll, and the Art of Fiction.

A life in publishing: Robert Giroux on E. M. Forster, T. S. Eliot, Flannery O’Connor, Jack Kerouac, and others.

On translation: a symposium with Margaret Jull Costa, Seamus Heaney, Tim Parks, and others.

An essay by Denis Johnson. Stories by Rachel Cantor and Marcel Möring. Poems by Priscilla Becker, Adrienne Rich, and Charlie Smith.

Table of Contents


Rachel Cantor, Minyan of One

Ann Hood, Total Cave Darkness

Blanaid McKinney, About Letters About Love, Mostly

Marcel Moring, East Bergholt


T. Coraghessan Boyle, The Art of Fiction No. 161  Full Text

Robert Giroux, The Art of Publishing No. 3  Full Text


Sarah Arvio, Murder

Amittai F. Aviram, Two Poems

Willis Barnstone, Two Poems

Rick Barot, Passagework

Priscilla Becker, Two Poems

William Benton, Two Poems

David Breskin, Broken Country Scramble

Robert Cording, Gratitude

Steven Cramer, The House Once Identified as Paradise

James Cummins, from a Notebook

John D’Agata, Living History Hall of Fame, 1982

Miles P. Finley, Two Poems

Jennifer Franklin, Two Poems

Sarah Gorham, Two Poems

Debora Greger, Moss in the Hamptons

Arthur Gregor, Aria

Robert Hahn, Becalmed, The Director's Cut

Christian Hawkey, Two Poems

Brooks Haxton, Three Poems

Daryl Hine, Two Poems

Victor Hugo, The Party at Therese's

Julia Kasdorf, Double the Digits

Anthony Lacavaro, Four Poems

William Logan, Endurance

Corey Marks, Renunciation

John McKernan, Four Poems

Lynn Melnick, Five Poems

Nick Norwood, Two Poems

Alan Michael Parker, Two Poems

Cesare Pavese, Verr

Deborah Pease, Grief in Parentheses

Burton Raffel, Four Poems

Adrienne Rich, Three Poems

Timothy Richardson, Two Poems

Kenneth Rosen, Two Poems

Amy Scattergood, Two Poems

Mark Scott, Two Poems

Charlie Smith, Los Dos Rancheros

Elizabeth Stein, Leaving Gomorrah

John Updike, A Sound Heard Early on the Morning of Christ's Nativity

Karen Volkman, Two Poems

Sam White, Two Poems

Max Winter, Apocrypha

Marc Woodworth, Landscape with Children and Cigarette

Chris Yu, Tractatus: Caliban Reads Wittgenstein


Massimo Bacigalupo, Como Conversazione: On Translation

Denis Johnson, Hippies

Maxwell Perkins, Answers to A Query on Thomas Wolfe

Jonathan Schell, A Remembrance: Niccolo Tucci


Adriana Maria Duque Cardona, Women of the World: A Portfolio