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The Paris Review No. 130, Spring 1994

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“I took LSD, and he stayed with Jack Daniels; the line between us was drawn”: Ken Kesey on Wallace Stegner, Neal Cassady’s horse-picking trick, and dating Emily Bronte.

Virgil Thomson recalls Paris between the wars.

Stories by Kate Braverman, Vikram Chandra, Andy Plattner, and Susan Power. Poems by David Baker, Octavio Paz, and Tomas Transtromer.

Table of Contents


Kate Braverman, Histories of the Undead

Vikram Chandra, Dharma

Andy Plattner, Chandelier

Susan Power, Snakes


Ken Kesey, The Art of Fiction No. 136  Full Text

W. D. Snodgrass, The Art of Poetry No. 68  Full Text


Rick Adang, Letter from Kitty Dukakis

Sarah Arvio, Hello Goodbye

David Baker, Two Poems

Michael Benedikt, Of Granny Smith's Apples

Laurel Blossom, Baboon Liver Transplant Poem

George Bradley, Two Poems

John Burt, Four Sapphics

Bernard Cooper, Tone Poem

Kjell Espmark, Route Tournante

Sybil Pittman Estess, Esther Decides

James Laughlin, Two Poems

Howard Levy, Two Poems

William Logan, Sunday in the South

Maria Negroni, Islandia

Alan Michael Parker, Five Poems

Octavio Paz, Soliloquio

Molly Peacock, Five Poems

Burton Raffel, Two Poems

S. X. Rosenstock, Le Realisme Fantastique de Berthe Bovary Lipschitz en Anglais Americain

Tony Sanders, After Berenice Abbott

Stephen Sandy, Five Poems

Henry Sloss, Three Poems

Tomas Tranströmer, La Lugubre Gondola No. 2  Full Text


Walter Channing, Trees

W. D. Snodgrass, Dabbling in Corruption

Virgil Thomson, Paris Between The Wars


James Casebere, Silverprints

Richard Snyder, Untitled