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The Paris Review No. 188, Spring 2009

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An interview with Annie Proulx: “The challenge is to make something that could be a novel but that works better as a short story, and to know the difference.”

John Banville on his novels: “They’re an embarrassment and a deep source of shame. They’re better than everybody else’s, of course, but not good enough for me.”

New poems and collages by John Ashbery.

Werner Herzog's journals from the Amazon basin.

New fiction by Jesse Ball, Philip Gourevitch, Caitlin Horrocks, and James Lasdun.

Photos by Lena Herzog, and spring poetry from David Wagoner, Ron Slate, and more.

Table of Contents


Jesse Ball, Plainface

Philip Gourevitch, Enough

Caitlin Horrocks, At the Zoo  Full Text

James Lasdun, The Hollow  Full Text


John Banville, The Art of Fiction No. 200  Full Text

Annie Proulx, The Art of Fiction No. 199  Full Text


John Ashbery, Six Poems

Mark Bibbins, Horoscopes without Telescopes  Full Text

T. Zachary Cotler, Beautiful without Money

Anna McDonald, Possible Titles for His Plaque  Full Text

Anna McDonald, Three Poems

Laurie Sheck, Notes on the Beauty of Randomness and Chance

Ron Slate, The Great Wave  Full Text

David Wagoner, Photographing Snakes


Lena Herzog, Incompatible with Life


Werner Herzog, Language Itself Resists


John Ashbery, Eleven Collages  Full Text