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The Paris Review No. 131, Summer 1994

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“We need poetry, not to regain this intimacy, which is impossible, but to remember that we miss it”: Yves Bonnefoy on the Art of Poetry.

An Art of Fiction interview with Alice Munro.

Umberto Eco explains how to travel with a salmon .

Elizabeth Bishop and May Swenson letters. Stories by Rick Moody and Alice Munro. Poems by Ingeborg Bachmann, Philip Levine, and James Merrill.

Table of Contents


Rebecca T. Godwin, Keeper of the House

Rick Moody, The Ring of Brightest Angels Around Heaven

Alice Munro, Spaceships Have Landed

Melissa Pritchard, The Instinct for Bliss


Yves Bonnefoy, The Art of Poetry No. 69  Full Text

Alice Munro, The Art of Fiction No. 137  Full Text


Agha Shahid Ali, A History of Paisley

Ingeborg Bachmann, Two Poems

Maureen Bloomfield, Two Poems

Cathleen Calbert, In Praise of My Young Husband

Anne Babson Carter, Three Blocks from San Marco

Jane Cooper, Seventeen Questions about King Kong

Alfred Corn, Insertion Arias

Mike Decker, The River

Ben Downing, Three Poems

John Drury, Two Poems

Clayton Eshleman, Homuncula

Irving Feldman, The Little Children of Hamelin

Stephen Gibson, The Bra

Marilyn Hacker, Cancer Winter

Geoffrey H. Hartman, Four Poems

Stella Johnston, Julian

Caroline Knox, Kilim

Philip Levine, Two Poems

James Merrill, Tony: Ending the Life

Gary Mitchner, On The Western Edge

Peggy Penn, Two Poems

Bin Ramke, Art. Love. Geology

Kay Ryan, Matrigupta

Grace Schulman, Bestiaries

Reginald Shepherd, Three Poems

Kay Sloan, Breakfast at Keseberg's Diner

Jordan Smith, The Dream of Horses


Elizabeth Bishop and May Swenson, Correspondence

Umberto Eco, How to Travel with a Salmon


George Plimpton, Notice


Tom Nakashima, Wigwam and Tree

Michael Scott, Enamel on Aluminum

Lee Tribe, Drawings