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The Paris Review No. 149, Winter 1998

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José Saramago on the Art of Fiction.

Annie Dillard follows Teilhard de Chardin’s life in China.

Anthony Haden-Guest interviews Russian artist Ilya Kabakov.

Stories by Robert Coover and Julie Orringer. Poems by George Bradley and Jacqueline Osherow.

Table of Contents


Jon Billman, Indians

Robert Coover, Touch

Michael Jacot, The Second Gardener

Julie Orringer, When She Is Old and I Am Famous


José Saramago, The Art of Fiction No. 155  Full Text

Charles Tomlinson, The Art of Poetry No. 78  Full Text


George Bradley, Two Poems

Matthew Greenfield, At the Goethe Institut

Beth Gylys, Marriage Song

David St. John, The Park

Susan Kinsolving, Two Poems

John Latta, Elogio di Frank O'Hara

Eric LeMay, Eschatology

Kim Mattson, May Day 1986

Anne McCarty, Homage to H.D.

Honor Moore, A Window at Key West

Joan Murray, Two Poems

Mary Jane Nealon, Accident, Bedtime

Jacqueline Osherow, Scattered Psalms

George Jay O’Leary, Midwestern Foundation Myth

Christopher Patton, The Death of Pliny the Elder

John Reibetanz, Two Poems

Sherod Santos, from Elegy for My Sister  Full Text

Reginald Shepherd, Two Poems

Roderick Townley, Moonrise at Ashcroft

William Wadsworth, Galaxies

David Wagoner, Three Poems

V. S. M. Wang, Three Poems

Elizabeth Weaver, Two Poems


Annie Dillard, For the Time Being

Anthony Haden-Guest, Text, Ilya Kabakov Portfolio

Cathrael Kazin, Memories of My Father

Karen Wilkin, On the Cover: Kenneth Noland


Ilya Kabakov, The Palace of Projects

Kcho, Americana

Richard Basil Mock, Contents Illustration

Kenneth Noland, Pink Light