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The Paris Review No. 46, Spring 1969

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“I aim for total objectivity by giving conflicting views – using the camera eye as a safety valve for my own subjective feelings”: John Dos Passos on the Art of Fiction.

Stories by Keith Cohen, Tom Disch, Philip Metcalfe, and Robin Metz. Poems by Kenneth Koch, Ted Berrigan, and Ron Padgett.

Table of Contents


Keith Cohen, The Balustrade

Tom Disch, The Master of the Milford Altarpiece

Philip Metcalfe, The Road to Madres

Robin Metz, Winter Range


John Dos Passos, The Art of Fiction No. 44  Full Text


Ted Berrigan, Three Poems

Clark Coolidge, Five Poems

Larry Fagin, Two Poems

Kenneth Koch, Faces

Greg Kuzma, Spring

Lewis MacAdams, Two Poems

Ron Padgett, Big Blue Jay Composition

Aram Saroyan, Poem

Lewis Warsh, Song

Philip Whalen, Four Poems


Rene Bertholo, Seven Small-Scale Models