The Paris Review No. 1, Spring 1953

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E. M. Forster on the Art of Fiction. William Styron’s Letter to an Editor. Stories by Peter Matthiessen, Terry Southern, and Eugene Walter. Poems by Robert Bly, Donald Hall, George Steiner.

Table of Contents


Antoine Blondin, Death on the Avenue de Segur

Peter Matthiessen, A Replacement  Full Text

Terry Southern, The Accident  Full Text

Eugene Walter, Troubadour


E. M. Forster, The Art of Fiction No. 1  Full Text


Robert Bly, Two Choral Stanzas

Donald Hall, Exile

George Steiner, A Samurai Who Tried to Kill All the Roosters in Japan

George Steiner, Fish Story


Giacomo Antonini, A Review of Italian Writing

C. Chesnaie, The Year in French Literature

Henry De Montherlant, The Pantin Cemetery

William Styron, Letter to an Editor  Full Text

John P.C. Train, Paris Commentary


Tom Keogh, Portfolio