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The Paris Review No. 34, Spring-Summer 1965

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“The need to restore warmth to people’s lives is our most imperative task. This alone can save us, save the whole planet”: Yevgeny Yevtushenko on the Art of Poetry.

Committed writing and humanizing Sartre: an interview with Simone de Beauvoir.

Stories by Stanley Elkin and Harry Mathews. Poems by Basil Bunting, Gary Snyder, and John Wieners.

Table of Contents


Stanley Elkin, The Guest

Peter Ellis, A Cat in the Metro

Gisela Elsner, A Pastoral

Harry Mathews, Jacksongrad


Simone de Beauvoir, The Art of Fiction No. 35  Full Text

Yevgeny Yevtushenko, The Art of Poetry No. 7  Full Text


Etta Blum, For Copland’s Vitebsk

Basil Bunting, Two Poems

Paul Carroll, Mother

Lawrence Lieberman, Two Poems

Lewis Meyers, Going to Chicago  Full Text

Christopher Middleton, Two Poems

Gary Snyder, Two Poems

Philip Whalen, To the Muse

John Wieners, Three Poems


Jean Tinguely, Designs for Motion and an Interview