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The Paris Review No. 4, Winter 1953

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Irwin Shaw on Dick Tracy, the doom-conscious generation, and the Art of Fiction.

A fable by Eugene Walter. Stories by Alfred Chester, James Leo Herlihy, and Terry Southern. Poems by Geoffrey Hill, Vilma Howard, Howard Moss, and John Simon.

Table of Contents


Alfred Chester, Here be Dragons

James Leo Herlihy, The Sleep of Baby Filbertson

Marcel Moussy, The Mushroom Hunt

Terry Southern, The Sun and the Still-Born Stars


Irwin Shaw, The Art of Fiction No. 4  Full Text


Arthur Boyars, Poem

Geoffrey Hill, In Memory of Jane Frazer, Gideon at the Well (for Janice)

Vilma Howard, After the War

A. F. Moritz, Crucifixion

Howard Moss, A Balcony with Birds

John Simon, Relativity


Zygmunt Haupt, In Paris and in Arcadia

George Plimpton, Text, Hans Erni Portfolio

Eugene Walter, Love and Comedy


Michael Beret, Portfolio

Hans Erni, Portfolio