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The Paris Review No. 116, Fall 1990

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“For centuries under slavery, the smile or the grimace on a white man’s face could inform a black person: ‘You’re about to be sold, or flogged.’ So we have studied the white American where the white American has not been obliged to study us”: An interview with Maya Angelou.

Mario Vargas Llosa on the Art of Fiction.

A radio interview with Gertrude Stein.

Stories by Georges Perec and Mona Simpson. Poems by August Kleinzahler, Geoffrey O’Brien, and Luc Sante .

Table of Contents


Ian McMillan, from Orbit of Darkness

Bradford Morrow, A Bestiary

Georges Perec, from A Man Asleep

Mona Simpson, I Am Here to Tell You It Can Be Done


Maya Angelou, The Art of Fiction No. 119  Full Text

Mario Vargas Llosa, The Art of Fiction No. 120  Full Text


John Ashbery, Two Poems  Full Text

Attilio Bertolucci, Three Poems

David Bottoms, Three Poems

Catherine Bowman, Two Poems

Michael Burkard, But Beautiful

Paul Celan, Two Poems

Maxine Chernoff, Two Poems

Billy Collins, Going Out for Cigarettes

Martin Edmunds, Bella Roma

Ian Ganassi, Primary Process

Suzanne Gardinier, Citizens

August Kleinzahler, Rubble

Hilda Morley, The Barter

Geoffrey O’Brien, Haruspex

Linda Pastan, 1932-

James Poolos, To Sleep

Alberto Ríos, Mr. Luna and History

Len Roberts, More Walnuts, Late October

Luc Sante, Autobiography

D. P. Skrief, Opened Views

Arthur Sze, Streamers

Alexander Thorburn, The Beach


Seymour Lawrence, Adventures with J. P. Donleavy, or How I Lost My Job and Made My Way to Greater Glory

Gertrude Stein, A Radio Interview


George Plimpton, Notice


Peter Halley, Contents Page: Untitled

Tim Rollins, Studies for Amerika: For the People of Bathgate