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The Paris Review No. 45, Winter 1968

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“My first ambition was to be an animator for Walt Disney”: John Updike on early ambitions.

Stories by Louis-Ferdinand Céline, Joy Williams, and Austin Wright. Poems by Richard Brautigan, Jim Carroll, and Frank O’Hara.

Table of Contents


Louis-Ferdinand Céline, The Colleague

Tom Veitch, A Negress in China

Joy Williams, Jefferson's Beauty

Trevor Winkfield, Travelogues

Austin Wright, Camden


John Updike, The Art of Fiction No. 43  Full Text


Bill Berkson, Three Poems

Richard Brautigan, The San Francisco Weather Report

Jim Brodey, Go to Sleep

Michael Brownstein, Life

Jim Carroll, Traffic

Thomas Clark, Four Poems

Edwin Denby, Four Poems

Dick Gallup, Like the Stars

John Giorno, Lucky Man

Anselm Hollo, Le Jazz Hot

Frank O’Hara, Nine Poems

Ron Padgett, Four Poems

Chris Petersen, New York

Anne Waldman, How to Write


Edward Hoagland, Notes from the Century Before