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The Paris Review No. 136, Fall 1995

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“Funny and me are not separate. We’re one”: Woody Allen on the Art of Humor.

Outhouse tipping and the search for truth: An interview with Garrison Keillor.

“When you’re writing, you are robbed of your delivery”: Calvin Trillin on the challenges of humor writing.

The Birth of a Notion: cartoonists have their say.

Stories by John Barth, T. Coraghessan Boyle, and Marcia Guthridge. Poems by Tom Disch, Beth Gylys, and Lloyd Schwartz.

Table of Contents


John Barth, The End: An Introduction

T. Coraghessan Boyle, Rapture of the Deep

Melvin Jules Bukiet, Squeak, Memory

Marcia Guthridge, Henry V, Part 2


Woody Allen, The Art of Humor No. 1  Full Text

Garrison Keillor, The Art of Humor No. 2  Full Text

Calvin Trillin, The Art of Humor No. 3  Full Text


Lucille Clifton, Lorena

Tom Disch, Donna Reed in the Scary Old House

John Drexel, Chance Encounters

Victoria Else, Sabbath

Gary Fincke, Johnny Weismuller Learns the Tarzan Yell

Albert Goldbarth, Two Cents

Beth Gylys, Not an Affair a Sestina

Brooks Haxton, Three Poems

David Lehman, The World Trade Center

Campbell McGrath, Seashells, Manasota Key

Gary Mitchner, Two Poems

Robert Phillips, Two Poems

Lloyd Schwartz, Proverbs from Purgatory

John Updike, Epithalamium


, Yahoos

Walter Abish, The Man in the Back Row Has a Question I: On Humor

Harold Bloom, The Canon of Western Humor

Roy Blount, Jr., Como Conversazione: On Literature and Comedy in Our Time


George Plimpton, Notice


R. O. Blechman, The Birth of A Notion: Cartoonists Have Their Say  Full Text

Raffaele, Table of Contents