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The Paris Review No. 161, Spring 2002

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The Art of Translation: William Weaver argues with Italo Calvino, walks through Rome with Alberto Moravia, and goes to the opera with Frank O’Hara.

W. S. Merwin on Sir Thomas Wyatt.

Stories by Quentin Rowan, Jim Shepard, Wells Tower, and, from Russia, V. P’yetsukh. Poems by Edward Hirsch and Rachel Wetzsteon.

Table of Contents


V. P’yetsukh, Killer Miller

Quentin Rowan, Bethune Street

Jim Shepard, Climb Aboard the Mighty Flea

Wells Tower, The Brown Coast


William Weaver, The Art of Translation No. 3  Full Text

John Edgar Wideman, The Art of Fiction No. 171  Full Text


Bruce Bond, Three Poems

Shannon Borg, Two Poems

Gabriel Boyers, Like Children

Lynn Doyle, Two Poems

Frank Dux, The Annunciation

John Felstiner, The Runners in the Luxembourg Gardens

Serena J. Fox, Three Poems

Emily Fragos, Two Poems

Gary Gildner, Enter the North Dakota Librarian

Benjamin Scott Grossman, Edgar at Supper, Fifty Years On

Brian Henry, Three Poems

Edward Hirsch, The Desire Manuscripts

Campbell McGrath, Because This Is Florida

Ryan Murphy, Morandi Sequence

D. Nurkse, Walter Green

David M. Rosenthal, The Last to See

Goran Sonnevi, Mozart's Third Brain

Shawn Sturgeon, Eight Poems

Virginia Chase Sutton, At the Barry M. Goldwater Gunnery Range

Rachel Wetzsteon, Homage to Eddie Izzard


Jason Shinder, W.S. Merwin on Sir Thomas Wyatt


Richard Phillips, Six Portraits