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The Paris Review No. 97, Fall 1985

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“I don’t take laudanum. I take pains”: John Hollander on the Art of Poetry.

An Art of Fiction interview with Thomas McGuane.

Jerzy Kosinksi's photo album. Stories by Stephen Dixon, William Kittredge, and Mona Simpson. Poems by Carlos Drummond de Andrade, Lydia Davis, and Heather McHugh.

Table of Contents


Stephen Dixon, Goodbye to Goodbye

Virginia Harabin, Saturday, Sunday

William Kittredge, Be Careful What You Want

Mona Simpson, You Leave Them  Full Text


John Hollander, The Art of Poetry No. 35  Full Text

Thomas McGuane, The Art of Fiction No. 89  Full Text


Donald Britton, Two Poems

Lydia Davis, Three Poems

Carlos Drummond de Andrade, Three Poems

Hildegarde Flanner, Two Poems

Jonathan Galassi, The Look of Things

Dana Gioia, Flying Over the Clouds

David Lehman, Arbeit Macht Frei

Phillis Levin, The Lost Bee

J. D. McClatchy, At a Reading

Heather McHugh, Three Poems

Jim Powell, Three Poems

Molly Russakoff, September 3, Philadelphia

John Tarrant, Flute

Elizabeth Vreeland, Three Poems from Morocco

Charles Wright, A Journal of True Confessions


James Dickey, Proceedings: Truman Capote

Jerzy Kosinski, Exegetics


Bruce Charlesworth, Trouble

Mike Kelley, Lost

Milan Kunc, Drawings