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The Paris Review No. 87, Spring 1983

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“The question about language is not who is right or wrong but, in the old Hegelian scheme, who is the master and who is the slave?” Guillermo Cabrera Infante on the Art of Fiction.

Literary Happenings in China.

Stories by James Baker Hall, Joyce Carol Oates, and Paul West. Poems by Stanislaw Baranczak, Czeslaw Milosz, and C. K. Williams.

Table of Contents


James Baker Hall, Praeder's Letters

Joyce Carol Oates, Nairobi

Roger Salloch, Romantic Landscape

Paul West, The Destroyer of Delight


Heinrich Böll, The Art of Fiction No. 74  Full Text

Guillermo Cabrera Infante, The Art of Fiction No. 75  Full Text


Stephen Ajay, Avalanche

Stanislaw Baranczak, Two Poems

Tory Dent, Luna

Jonathan Griffin, Three Poems

Siri Hustvedt, Two Poems

Lawrence Joseph, Three Poems

Thomas Lux, Three Poems

Czeslaw Milosz, Four Poems

Liam Rector, An Origin of A-R-T

C. K. Williams, One of the Muses


Timothy Tung, Literary Happenings: China: An Interview with Dong Leshan, Part Two


Jean Michel Basquiat, Tuxedo

Louisa Chase, Drawings

William Wegman, Man Ray