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The Paris Review No. 62, Summer 1975

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James Wright on Horatian craftsmanship, Judas, the talent for happiness, and the Art of Poetry.

Stories by Joe Brainard and Richard Ford. Poems by Diane Ackerman, Paul Hoover, and James Wright.

Table of Contents


Joe Brainard, The Friendly Way (Continued)

Ken Brower, Time and the Jungle

France Burke, In the Footprints of the Dinosaur

Richard Ford, Shooting the Rest Area

Alan Friedman, Prelude to a Glorious Fugue

Gretchen Herbkersman, Thor


James Wright, The Art of Poetry No. 19  Full Text


Diane Ackerman, Still Life

Georgia Alwan, Children/Evolution

Susan Bartels, All My Orifices Are Too Small

Stuart Dybek, Sunday at the Zoo

Dean Faulwell, Two Poems

Linda Gregg, Sigismundo

Tom Hansen, Final Instructions for the Magician

Jonathan Holden, Roller Coaster

Paul Hoover, Two Poems

Vickie Karp, A Three Weeks Love Poem

Joan Larkin, Self-Pity

Naomi Lazard, Grand Opening

Jay Meek, Two Poems

Eric Overmyer, I Don't Eat Tuna Anymore

Peter Payack, The Ultimate Party

Steven Rea, Two Poems

Dennis Schmitz, Tattoo Artist

W. I. Scobie, Two Poems

Albert Stainton, A Garnished Peach at the Grand-Hotel Poland

Barry Yourgrau, Femmes Fatales No. 1


James Wright, Ten Poems


Christo, Leaning Over the Running Fence

Donald Evans, A Portfolio of Stamps of the World