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The Paris Review No. 25, Winter-Spring 1961

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“It’s a terrible struggle, because what you really feel hasn’t got the form, it’s not what you can put down in a poem”: Robert Lowell on the Art of Poetry.

Kafka-inspired engravings by Lars Bo.

Stories by Bowden Broadwater, Hughes Rudd, and Jan Gerhard Toonder. Poems by Donald Davie and Thom Gunn.

Table of Contents


Bowden Broadwater, Ciao

Hughes Rudd, The Lower Room

Jan Gerhard Toonder, The Spider


Robert Lowell, The Art of Poetry No. 3  Full Text


Donald Davie, Two Poems

Thom Gunn, Two Poems

X. J. Kennedy, Two Poems

Daniel Langton, The Marriage of Anne

Lewis Turco, Dream of a House


Lars Bo, Nine Etchings, Cover