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The Paris Review No. 143, Summer 1997

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Arms dealers, espionage, and writing on the train: John Le Carrè on the Art of Fiction.

Richard Brown Baker recalls a dinner with Jasper Johns, Franz Kline, and Robert Rauschenberg.

Stories by David Means and Charlie Smith. Poems by William Logan and Rachel Wetzsteon.

Table of Contents


David Means, Disclaimer

Joyce Carol Oates, Ugly Girl

Padgett Powell, Aliens of Affection

Charlie Smith, Park Diary


John le Carré, The Art of Fiction No. 149  Full Text

Jan Morris, The Art of the Essay No. 2  Full Text


Claire Bateman, Ectoplasm

Bruce Bond, Two Poems

Nicholas Christopher, Four Poems

Brian Culhane, Knowing Greek

Barbara Goldberg, Two Poems

Barbara Henning, Closure and Closure

Andrew Hudgins, Three Poems

Lance Larsen, Two Poems

Rika Lesser, 536 Saratoga Avenue

Sarah Lindsay, Two Poems

William Logan, Two Poems

W. S. Merwin, Two Poems

Michelangelo, Last Poems

Alan Michael Parker, Three Poems

Amanda Pecor, Three Poems

Pattiann Rogers, The Composer, the Bone Yard

Charles H. Webb, Two Poems

Rachel Wetzsteon, from Home and Away


Richard Brown Baker, My Dinner with Jasper Johns

Dotson Rader, Truman Capote Meets an Idol

James Salter, Burning the Days


Lynn McCarty, Free Falling

Graham Nickson, Bathers

Billy Sullivan, Contents Illustration