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The Paris Review No. 26, Summer-Fall 1961

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Marianne Moore on exhilarating biology, the Brooklyn Dodgers, the art of quotation, and her “so-called poems.”

Norman Mailer on “The Psychology of the Orgy”.

Anna Akhmatova, Osip Mandelstam, Boris Pasternak, and Marina Tsvetayeva: A portfolio of Russian poetry.

Table of Contents


Cecil Dawkins, The Mourner

Georgia McKinley, Across the Line

Hughes Rudd, Miss Euayla is the Sweetest Thang


Ilya Ehrenburg, The Art of Fiction No. 26  Full Text

Marianne Moore, The Art of Poetry No. 4  Full Text


Anna Akhmatova, Two Poems

Philip Booth, Night Notes on an Old Dream

George Mackay Brown, Harald, etc.

Paul Carroll, The Wicked and Unfaithful Song of Marcel Duchamp to His Queen

Thom Gunn, My Sad Captains

Malcolm Lowry, Three Poems

Osip Mandelstam, Ten Poems

W. S. Merwin, Two Poems

Boris Pasternak, Two Poems

Charles Reynolds, For Kate

Frederick Seidel, Dayley Island  Full Text

Marina Tsvetayeva, Eight Poems

Andrey Voznesensky, From the Window of a Plane

James Wright, Two Poems


Olga Carlisle, A Portfolio of Russian Poetry

Norman Mailer, The First Day’s Interview  Full Text


Jacques Hérold, Portfolio