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The Paris Review No. 44, Fall 1968

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Robert Creeley on duking it out with Jackson Pollock on the Art of Poetry.

“I wonder what these people thought thousands of years ago of these sparks they saw when they took off their woolen clothes?” An interview with Isaac Bashevis Singer

Stories by Keith Cohen, Maurice Roche, James Salter, and Ronald Sukenick. Poems by Diane di Prima and John Wieners.

Table of Contents


Keith Cohen, Grecian Dreams ,At the Inlet

Maurice Roche, Crossing

James Salter, Am Strande von Tanger  Full Text

Ronald Sukenick, What's Your Story

Joy Williams, The Retreat


Robert Creeley, The Art of Poetry No. 10  Full Text

Isaac Bashevis Singer, The Art of Fiction No. 42  Full Text


Joseph Ceravolo, Ho Ho Ho Caribou

Jack Collom, Going Downtown to Buy Some Pills

Robert Creeley, The Finger

Diane di Prima, Song for Spring Equinox  Full Text

James Koller, Four Poems

David Shapiro, Two Poems

John Thorpe, Bolinas

Laurance Wieder, The Seismographic Ear

John Wieners, Four Poems


William Fifield, Picasso Indian Summer


Olivier Mosset, Five Paintings