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The Paris Review No. 207, Winter 2013

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Geoff Dyer on the art of nonfiction: “The process of book writing for me is entirely one of trial and error.” And Edward P. Jones on the art of fiction: “Until I can read a story physically, with the eyes, it doesn’t seem to exist for me.” 

The first installment of a novel by Rachel Cusk. New fiction from J. D. Daniels, Jenny Offill, Nell Freudenberger, Ottessa Moshfegh, and Lydia Davis, and the winner of the NPR Three-Minute Fiction Contest.

Poems by Kevin Prufer, Susan Stewart, Hilda Hilst, Charlie Smith, Monica Youn, Sylvie Baumgartel, Emily Moore, and Linda Pastan. A portfolio of nudes by Chuck Close.

Table of Contents


Rachel Cusk, Outline: Part 1

J. D. Daniels, Empathy

Lydia Davis, The Seals

Nell Freudenberger, Hover

Ben Jahn, The NPR Three-Minute Fiction Contest

Ottessa Moshfegh, A Dark and Winding Road

Jenny Offill, Magic and Dread


Geoff Dyer, The Art of Nonfiction No. 6  Full Text

Edward P. Jones, The Art of Fiction No. 222  Full Text


Sylvie Baumgartel, Caprice

Sylvie Baumgartel, Gramercy Park  Full Text

Hilda Hilst, From “Alcohologues”

Emily Moore, Ghazal

Linda Pastan, Last Rites

Kevin Prufer, How He Loved Them  Full Text

Charlie Smith, Bus to Tuxtla

Susan Stewart, Pine  Full Text

Monica Youn, March of the Hanged Men  Full Text

Monica Youn, Exhibition of the Hanged Man


Chuck Close, Nudes