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The Paris Review No. 70, Summer 1977

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“Shit, piss, and bellow, kick and wiggle: that’s it!” An interview with William Gass.

Stories by Peter Handke, C. W. Gusewelle, and William S. Wilson. Poems by Brendan Galvin and Galway Kinnell.

Table of Contents


Carola Dibbell, A Misunderstanding

C. W. Gusewelle, Horst Wessel

Peter Handke, A Moment of True Feeling

William S. Wilson, Conveyance: "The Story I Would Never Want Bill Wilson to Read"


William Gass, The Art of Fiction No. 65  Full Text


Dick Allen, Variation on a Theme by Ernest Hemingway

Paulé Bártón, Three Poems

David Bergman, Two Poems

James Bertolino, Mom and Sally

Erica Funkhouser, Two Poems

Brendan Galvin, Two Poems

Patricia Goedicke, Knock On Any Door

Marjorie Hawksworth, Urban Renewal

Joan Moore, Four Poems

Philip Murray, The Mugging of Charlie Chan

John Ower, Pet Python

Deborah Pease, Geography Lesson

John Pijewski, Two Poems

Vern Rutsala, The Mystery of the Lost Shoes

David Schloss, The White Room

Ricardo da Silveira Lobo Sternberg, Thumb

Okhee and Michael Stevens, Four Poems

Virginia Terris, Three Poems

François Villon, Two Poems

Tamara Watson, No Advice for the Lovelorn

John Witte, Chasing Hamlet


John Marquand, In Memoriam -- Sue Coward Marquand


Deborah Turbeville, Maquillage