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The Paris Review No. 21, Spring-Summer 1959

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“Obscurity comes when the poet is still at the stage of learning how to use the language”: T.S. Eliot on the Art of Poetry.

Ignoring the Golfers: a portfolio of the eastern Long Island painters, including Jackson Pollock, Willem De Kooning, and Lee Krasner.

Stories by Terry Southern and Alexander Trocchi. Poems by Geoffrey Hill, Daryl Hine, and Ted Hughes.

Table of Contents


Georgia McKinley, The Crime

Terry Southern, Grand Guy Grand

Alexander Trocchi, from Cain's Book


T. S. Eliot, The Art of Poetry No. 1  Full Text


Stephen Berg, The Dead's Locale

Robert Bly, What We Have Inherited From the Intellectual Leadership of New England

Robert Bly, Salute To All the Countries which Helped Franco

Catherine Davis, The New Year’s Burden  Full Text

Catherine Davis, What Does It Mean?

Robert Davis, Daily

Peter Everwine, To My Father's Ghost

Robert Greenwood, California Landscape

Geoffrey Hill, Two Formal Elegies

Geoffrey Hill, Canticle For Good Friday

Geoffrey Hill, Requiem For Plantagenet Kings

Geoffrey Hill, The Guardians

Daryl Hine, The Charms of Circe

John Hollander, Eclogue I

Ted Hughes, Crow Hill

Peter Levi S.J., L'Aurore Grelottante

Donald Peterson, Going Back

David Ray, All the Spring Babies

Mark Roskill, Chateau de Villandry

Vern Rutsala, Thorpe, Nurmi, Ruth

Louis Simpson, The Boarder

W.G. van Keuren, 'Morning Beach,' Acapulco


Patsy Southgate, The Eastern Long Island Painters