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The Paris Review No. 7, Fall-Winter 1954-1955

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“God is a character, a real and consistent being, or He is nothing”: An interview with Joyce Cary.

“She kept nodding her head and pursing her mouth as if withholding some vital information like that the walls were wired to explode”: An essay by Pati Hill.

Drawings by Picasso. Stories by Dino Buzzati, Evan S. Connell, and Mary Lee Settle. Poems by A. Alvarez and Adrienne Rich.

Table of Contents


Dino Buzzati, Seven Storeys

Evan S. Connell, The Fisherman from Chihuahua

Charles Scribner III, The Hundredth Centennial

Robert Bruce Murray, Afternoons on a Long Staircase

Anthony Ostroff, The Hunting Men

Mary Lee Settle, Congress Burney


Joyce Cary, The Art of Fiction No. 7  Full Text


A. Alvarez, Catharsis

A. Alvarez, The Vigil

Catherine Coy, In Hibernis

John Fairfax, Death among Ships

Isabella Gardner, Children Are Game

Cecil Hemley, He Must Be Born Again

Adrienne Rich, Recorders in Italy

Lawrence P. Spingarn, The Slave Coast


Michel De Saint Pierre, The Aristocrats

Pati Hill, The Pit and the Century Plant


Pablo Picasso, Six Drawings