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The Paris Review No. 14, Autumn 1956

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Isak Dinesen on the Art of Fiction.

“Instead of leaving for Chile with a band of gangsters, one stays in Paris and writes a novel. That seems to me the great adventure”: An interview with Françoise Sagan.

A story by Gerard-Kornelis Van Het Reve. Poems by Elisabeth Jennings and W.D. Snodgrass.

Table of Contents


William Fain, At the Pool

Robert Krieger, A Summer's Burning

Lawrence Sturhahn, The Democrat

Gerard-Kornelis Van Het Reve, The Winter


Isak Dinesen, The Art of Fiction No. 14  Full Text

Françoise Sagan, The Art of Fiction No. 15  Full Text


Edgar Bowers, A Variation on “O never say that I was false at heart”

Harold Fleming, The Echoes

Roger Hecht, A Candle for the NIght

Roger Hecht, Americans Abroad: Off Perce Rock

Elizabeth Jennings, Merely Looking

John Logan, The Mallard’s Going  Full Text

Richard O’Connell, Etude

W. D. Snodgrass, Orpheus


André Masson, Portfolio

Pavel Tchelitchew, Portfolio