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The Paris Review No. 14, Autumn 1956

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Isak Dinesen on the Art of Fiction.

“Instead of leaving for Chile with a band of gangsters, one stays in Paris and writes a novel. That seems to me the great adventure”: An interview with Françoise Sagan.

A story by Gerard-Kornelis Van Het Reve. Poems by Elisabeth Jennings and W.D. Snodgrass.

Table of Contents


William Fain, At the Pool

Robert Krieger, A Summer's Burning

Lawrence Sturhahn, The Democrat

Gerard Kornelis Van Het Reve, The Winter


Isak Dinesen, The Art of Fiction No. 14  Full Text

Françoise Sagan, The Art of Fiction No. 15  Full Text


Edgar Bowers, A Variation on "O never say that I was false at heart"

Harold Fleming, Echoes

Roger Hecht, Two Poems

Elizabeth Jennings, Merely Looking

John Logan, The Mallard's Going

Richard O’Connell, Etude

W. D. Snodgrass, Orpheus


Pierre Schneider, Text, André Masson Portfolio

Eugene Walter, Text, Pavel Tchelitchew Portfolio


Avigdor Arikha, Illustrations

Sylvia Braverman, Illustrations

Tom Keogh, Illustrations

Andre Masson, Portfolio

Helëne Neveur, Contents Page

Pavel Tchelitchew, Portfolio