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The Paris Review No. 145, Winter 1997

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“I am interested in the tension between the built environment and the natural environment, and how at the moment our dreams of bliss are a kind of invented Arcadia”: An interview with Jeanette Winterson.

The Art of Publishing: Barney Rosset recalls the founding of Grove Press.

Stories by Sheila Kohler, Steven Millhauser, and Mark Richard. Poems by Beth Gylys, Linda Pastan, and Edward Hirsch.

Table of Contents


Melvin Jules Bukiet, Splinters

Sheila Kohler, Cracks

Kristina McGrath, A Scribbler's Life

Steven Millhauser, Flying Carpets

Mark Richard, Tunga Tuggo, Lingua Dingua


Barney Rosset, The Art of Publishing No. 2  Full Text

Jeanette Winterson, The Art of Fiction No. 150  Full Text


Craig Arnold, Seven Poems

Mark Bibbins, Six Poems

Billy Collins, Two Poems

John Drury, Three Poems

Daisy Friedman, Dentist Poem

Andrew Gilligan, Two Poems

Beth Gylys, The Trouble with Love Poems About Men

Rachel Hadas, Out into the Storm

Edward Hirsch, Iowa Suite

Martha Hollander, Three Poems

Elizabeth Macklin, Three Poems

Linda Pastan, Three Poems

Kenneth Rosen, Two Poems

Vijay Seshadri, Visiting Russia

P. Shneidre, Utilizing Floyd

Grace Shulman, The Paintings of Our Lives

Jordan Smith, Two Poems

Terry Stokes, Two Poems

Richard Tillinghast, Starfuckers

Sidney Wade, Three Poems


Wendy Mark, I'm in Love with Your Blue Car

Shirin Neshat, Unveiling

Fred Tomaselli, Field Guide