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The Paris Review No. 59, Fall 1974

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“In the land of the free, one sentence must be as good as another because that is democracy”: An interview with Gore Vidal.

Peter Ardery, In Memoriam.

Stories by Frederick Busch and Mike Kempton. Poems by Maxine Chernoff and Louis Simpson.

Table of Contents


Frederick Busch, Widow Water

Lamar Herrin, The Rio Loja Ring-Master

Mike Kempton, Long Green

Ray Russell, Rational Moments

David Shaber, Progress Report


Gore Vidal, The Art of Fiction No. 50  Full Text


Ameen Alwan, Two Poems

Paul Anderson, Falling

Maxine Chernoff, Two Poems

W. K. Engel, Two Poems

Albert Goldbarth, Organization

Thomas Johnson, Two Poems

Erica Jong, Two Poems

Greg Kuzma, Two Poems

Naomi Lazard, Two Poems

David Lehman, Greeting Where No Kindness Is

Molly McKaughan, Ms. Delilah Hoffritz

Rush Rankin, Poem

Vern Rutsala, You

Ira Sadoff, Five Poems

Aram Saroyan, Two Poems

Louis Simpson, Three Poems

Albert Stainton, The Limestone Statue Boxing Factory

Charles Webb, Two Poems


Peter Ardery, In Memoriam


William Wegman, Portfolio of Drawings