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The Paris Review No. 86, Winter 1982

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Art of Fiction interviews with Erskine Caldwell and P. L. Travers.

“You either measured up or slunk away”: Don Asher recalls Harlem jazz sessions in the 1940s.

Stories by Michael Cunningham, Norman Mailer, Jay McInerney, and Barbara Milton. Poems by Charles Bernstein, Lyn Hejinian, and Susan Howe.

Table of Contents


Michael Cunningham, Pearls

Lamar Herrin, A Life of Crime

Norman Mailer, from A Work in Progress

Jay McInerney, It's Six A.M. Do You Know Where You Are?

Barbara Milton, The Cigarette Boat

Craig Nova, The Host


Erskine Caldwell, The Art of Fiction No. 62  Full Text

P. L. Travers, The Art of Fiction No. 63  Full Text


Arkawa and Madeline Gins, Untitled

Bruce Andrews, from Confidence Trick

Alan Bernheimer, Two Poems

Charles Bernstein, Four Poems

Tina Darragh, ludicrous stick

Alan Davies, Lies

Ray DiPalma, Hadrian's Lane

Lynne Dreyer, from Step Work

Michael Gottlieb, from Social Realism

Ted Greenwald, Eight Poems

Robert Grenier, Six Poems

Carla Harryman, Statement . . .

Lyn Hejinian, Province

Susan Howe, from Defenestration of Prague

P. Inman, from backbite

Ken Irby, from Etudes

Douglas Messerli, Causes of the Crack Up: An Explication

Bob Perelman, Third and Townsend

Peter Seaton, Need from a Wound Would Do It

James Sherry, Epistle Apology

Ron Silliman, Blue

Diane Ward, Approximately

Barrett Watten, from One Half

Hannah Weiner, from Spoke


Don Asher, The Barrier

Dong Leshan, The Topsy-Turvy World of Professor Fu

Timothy Tung, Literary Happenings: China: An Interview with Dong Leshan, Part One


Francesco Clemente, Time Tablets

Eric Fischl, Couples