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The Paris Review No. 49, Summer 1970

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“All that matters is that the thing be the thing of the thing—a cool thing which is like a river for the tiger of the river”: Charles Olson on the Art of Poetry.

Stories by James Salter, Paul Spike, and Richard Stern. Poems by Robert Creeley, Tom Disch, Frank O’Hara, and Aram Saroyan.

Table of Contents


James Salter, The Cinema

Paul Spike, Specks Saga

Richard Stern, Veni, Vidi...Wendt


Charles Olson, The Art of Poetry No. 12  Full Text


Joseph Bottone, Sky Light

Michael Brownstein, United at First

Tom Clark, A Sailor's Life

Robert Creeley, An Illness

Tom Disch, Joyful Feelings

Kenward Elmslie, Halloween Loop

Dick Gallup, Four Poems

Joanne Kyger, Poem

Charles Olson, Poem

Frank O’Hara, Nine Poems

René Ricard, Mannerism

Aram Saroyan, Poems

Peter Schjeldahl, Ho Chi Minh Elegy

Charlie Vermont, Three Poems

John Vernon, The Audubon Bumper


Claude Lalanne, Sculptures