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The Paris Review No. 66, Summer 1976

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“The ideal audience is a man like Bill Gass”: Stanley Elkin on the Art of Fiction.

Aphrodite Chuckass, Zoda Viola Klontz Gazola, Fanny Fangboner: John Train on how to name your baby.

Stories by William Reese Hamilton, Lamar Herrin, Barton Midwood, and Richard Stern. Poems by Edward Hirsch and Peter Payack.

Table of Contents


William Reese Hamilton, Belly Up

Lamar Herrin, The Rookie Season

Barton Midwood, John O'Neill versus the Crown

Richard Stern, Aurelia Frequenzia Reveals the Heart and Mind of the Man of Destiny  Full Text


Stanley Elkin, The Art of Fiction No. 61  Full Text


Sam Abrams, how to cut a throat

Steve Benson, Two Poems

Phil Boiarski, Blood Soup

Joseph Bruchac, Three Poems

Aaron Bulman, The Revision

William Crain, Tears on the Quadrangle

Kent Ekberg, New York Cool

Edward Hirsch, Two Poems

Edwin Kaye, Two Poems

Jane Kenyon, Two Poems

Everette Maddox, Neo-Puritan Picnic

Dan Masterson, Two Poems

W. S. Merwin, Four Poems

Ed Orchester, Washing Your Penis

James Paul, The Ruin

Paul J.J. Payack, Five Poems

Peter Payack, Two Poems

A. F. Roberts, Parrots and Africas

Joel Stein, Anthology

Brian Swann, The Golden Age


Jean Le Gac, The Excursion


John Train, How to Name Your Baby


Marc Eisenberg, Contents Illustration

Jean Le Gac, Tour of the World