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The Paris Review No. 140, Fall 1996

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Richard Ford discusses the Art of Fiction and his Pulitzer Prize–winning novel, Independence Day.

Amos Oz on the Arab-Israeli conflict, the desert, and life on a kibbutz.

Stories by Rhidian Brook, Robert Olen Butler, and Richard Stern. Poems by Frank Bidart, Sharon Olds, and Ira Sadoff.

Table of Contents


Laurel Anne Berger, The Storks

Rhidian Brook, A Real Disaster

Robert Olen Butler, "Help Me Find My Spaceman Lover"

Patricia Eakins, The Garden of Fishes

Richard Stern, Audit


Richard Ford, The Art of Fiction No. 147  Full Text

Amos Oz, The Art of Fiction No. 148  Full Text


Sarah Arvio, Visits from the Seventh

Frank Bidart, The Return

Scott Cairns, Two Poems

Alfred Corn, Philosophy

Irving Feldman, Lives of the Poets

Joseph Harrison, The Cretonnes of Penelope

John Kinsella, Two Poems

Campbell McGrath, Two Poems

Joyce Carol Oates, Immobility Defense

Sharon Olds, 71 B.C.E.

Kathleen Peirce, Three Poems

J. S. Renau, Night Out

Pattiann Rogers, The Art of Raising Gibbons and Flowers

Ira Sadoff, Language

Robyn Selman, 1945-1995

Patricia Storace, A Grecian Sword, c.348 B.C.

Adriana Szymanska, Two Poems


Bernard Cooper, Labyrinthine


Louise Bourgeois, The View from the Bottom of the Well

Joy Kreves, Double-Headed Spiral

Elena del Rivero, Letters to the Mother