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The Paris Review No. 67, Fall 1976

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“The room where I work has a window looking into a wood, and I like to think that these earnest, lovable, and mysterious readers are in there”: John Cheever on The Art of Fiction.

Self-portraits by James Baldwin, Jorge Luis Borges, James Jones, Jerzy Kosinski, Norman Mailer, Arthur Miller, Ron Padgett, Philip Roth, Irwin Shaw, Auberon Waugh, and Tennessee Williams.

Stories by Stephen Dixon, Maxine Kumin, and Michael McGuire. Poems by Albert Goldbarth and Aram Saroyan.

Table of Contents


Daniel Boulanger, The Grand Turk

Stephen Dixon, Conclusions

David Evanier, Selective Service

Charles Hickox, Four Feuilletons

Maxine Kumin, Another Form of Marriage

Michael McGuire, Last Words

Genevieve Serreau, December


John Cheever, The Art of Fiction No. 62  Full Text

John Hall Wheelock, The Art of Poetry No. 21  Full Text


John Allman, The Color of Neville Brand's Front Teeth

Jack Anderson, Three Poems

David Bergman, Three Poems

Don Bogen, Two Poems

Gary Gildner, The Knock

Albert Goldbarth, But

Elizabeth Handel, Two Poems

David Ignatow, An Account in the Present Tense of How It All Happened

Greg Kuzma, Two Poems

Philip Legler, Back to Earth

David Lehman, Fear and Trembling

Ed Meek, Three Poems

Herbert Morris, Newport, 1930

Kent Jorgensen Ozarow, Bottles

Aram Saroyan, The Great American Novel

Richard Shelton, One Man's Meat

A. G. Sobin, Four Poems

Stephen Sossaman, After Lunch

Tom Wayman, Three Poems


Norman Mailer, In Memoriam: Two Letters From Frank Crowther

Paris Review, An Indulgence of Authors' Self-Portraits  Full Text


George Plimpton, Notice


Anne Bradford, Contents Illustration