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The Paris Review No. 147, Summer 1998

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Russell Banks discusses Kerouac, Hollywood, and the Art of Fiction.

An Oulipo Sampler.

Stories by Scott Anderson, Rick Bass, and Michael Knight. Poems by Henri Cole, Czeslaw Milosz, and Patty Seyburn.

Table of Contents


Scott Anderson, from Triage

Rick Bass, The Hermit's Story

Nicole Cooley, Escapes

Michael Knight, Tenant

Kirk Nesset, Poet and Philosopher


Russell Banks, The Art of Fiction No. 152  Full Text

Ismail Kadare, The Art of Fiction No. 153  Full Text


Michael Berryhill, Three Poems

Carin Besser, Two Poems

Joel Brouwer, Two Poems

Michael Burns, Joy's Grape

Scott Cairns, Two Poems

Henri Cole, Four Poems

Lynn Doyle, Two Poems

Sybil Pittman Estess, Two Poems

Andrew Feld, Three Poems

Edwin Gallaher, Dreams of Ferdinand

Eamon Grennan, Traveler

Andrew Hudgins, Rain

Janet Kaplan, Three Poems

Judy Longley, First Breakfast at Home Following an Emergency Appendectomy  Full Text

Florence Cassen Mayers, 96 and B'Way

Czeslaw Milosz, Rivers  Full Text

Scott Minar, Toward the Skin

Peggy Penn, Kinshit

Susan Pliner, Six Poems

Leslie Richardson, Three Poems

Maureen Seaton, Two Poems

Patty Seyburn, Sorority

Phillip Sterling, Two Poems

Alexander Theroux, Three Poems

Gene Thornton, Ovid in Exile

Sidney Wade, Another Passionless Day

Anneliese Wagner, The Street

Michael White, Hotel Bar

Charles Wright, Two Poems


Stephen Brook, Como Conversazione: On Travel and Travel Writing

Harry Mathews, Oulipo Sampler


Pier Consagra, Portraits

Steve Miller, Self-Portrait Vanitas #55

Jeannie Thib, Archive