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The Paris Review No. 61, Spring 1975

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Bernard Malamud on Mailer’s doppelganger, the morality of art, and the prison motif.

George Wickes recalls Natalie Barney.

Stories by M. F. Beal, David Evanier, and Giles Gordon. Poems by Richard Wilbur.

Table of Contents


M. F. Beal, Space Time

David Evanier, Cancer of the Testicles

Giles Gordon, Two Chairs


Bernard Malamud, The Art of Fiction No. 52  Full Text


Joe David Bellamy, 17-Year Cicadas

William Burtis, Acapulco Rubric

G. S. Sharat Chandra, Two Poems

Richard Eberhardt, Letter to Andrew Foster

David Fisher, The Teacher

Siv Cedering Fox, Peaches

David Ignatow, I Dream I Hurl a Spear . . .

Louis Jenkins, Two Poems

Adam LeFevre, The Difficult Birth of Mr. Walt Disney

Peter Payack, Four Poems

Lawrence Raab, Further Adventures of the Pipe: Homage to Magritte

A. G. Sobin, Found Poem: Wind Fells Oklahoma's Ancient Chimney Rock

Albert Stainton, Two Poems

Mary Kathryn Stillwell, Three Poems

Richard Stull, My Folly

Peter Viereck, Two Tombwomb Poems

Richard Wilbur, Piccola Commedia


George Wickes, A Natalie Barney Garland


Philip Pearlstein, A Portfolio

Michael John Weber, Risifebrile Fluminequine