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The Paris Review No. 53, Winter 1972

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“So I gave him a Craven-A and then lit it for him, and I thought ‘Immortality is mine! From now on it’s just a question of reaping the fruits of my efforts’”: John Berryman gives a cigarette to William Butler Yeats.

Stories by John Ashbery and Glen Baxter. Poems by Ted Berrigan, Lou Reed, and Anne Waldman.

Table of Contents


John Ashbery, The System

Glen Baxter, Stories

Kenneth Bernard, For Irving: A Conversation

Harry Mathews, The Sinking of the Odradek Stadium


John Berryman, The Art of Poetry No. 16  Full Text


Bruce Andrews, Poem  Full Text

Ted Berrigan, Three Sonnets for Tom Clark

Larry Fagin, Poems (1970)

Allen Ginsberg, Elegy for Neal Cassidy

M. S. Lazarchuk, Johnny

Alice Notley, Four Sonnets

Sarah Plimpton, Poem

Lou Reed, The Murder Mystery

David Rosenberg, Afternoon

Aram Saroyan, Poems

James Schuyler, The Crystal Lithium and Other Poems

David Shapiro, Ode

John Thorpe, I Just Lost My Tension Again

Anne Waldman, Curt Flood


Joe Brainard, Amazing But True