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The Paris Review No. 81, Fall 1981

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Paul Bowles on Jane Bowles, the romantic life, and the passage of time in Morocco.

“What writers influence me as a young man? Chekhov! As a dramatist? Chekhov! As a story writer? Chekhov!” Tennessee Williams on the Art of Theater.

Stories by Margaret Atwood and Dallas Wiebe. Poems by Siri Hustvedt, Jean Valentine, and James Wright.

Table of Contents


Paul Attanasio, Bodily Harm

Raymond Federman, Moinous, Nam and Dostoevsky

Laurance Wieder, Omega I


Paul Bowles, The Art of Fiction No. 67  Full Text

Tennessee Williams, The Art of Theater No. 5  Full Text


Guillaume Apollinaire, Mirabeau Bridge

Siri Hustvedt, Weather Markings

Sandra McPherson, Night Vision

Eugenio Montale, Nine Poems

John Peech, Five Poems

Danielle Sarréra, The Knight of the Trepan

Hugh Seidman, The Mother

Jonathan Sisson, Diana's Baths

Jean Valentine, Birthday Letter from South Carolina

C. K. Williams, From My Window

James Wright, Four Poems


Eugenio Montale, A Visit To Braque

Dotson Rader, Tennessee Williams: A Friendship


Duncan Hannah, Six Collages