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The Paris Review No. 60, Winter 1974

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“I wanted to be a writer when I was in the sixth grade—of course, I wanted to be one without working at it”: Joseph Heller on the Art of Fiction.

Peter Matthiessen discusses his new novel format, inspired by haiku poetry and screenplays.

Stories by Gail Godwin, Herbert Gold, and Peter Matthiessen. Poems by Anen Sexton and Charles Simic.

Table of Contents

Editor's Note

George Plimpton, Dear Reader


Jack Cope, Drinker of the Bitter Water

Gail Godwin, Why Does a Great Man Love?

Herbert Gold, Max and the Pacemaker

Harvey Jacobs, The Return to Puerto Vallarte of Benny the Buro

Peter Matthiessen, from Far Tortuga


Joseph Heller, The Art of Fiction No. 51  Full Text


Michael Benedikt, Orders From Beyond

Randy Blasing, Some Legs

Jay Boyer, Unnatural Acts and Menagerie

Tom Disch, Three Poems

Erica Jong, Testament  Full Text

Adam LeFevre, Planning Ahead

W. S. Merwin, The Reaper

Pat Nolan, Stick 'Em Up

Gregory Orr, Domestic Life

Dannye Romine, In the Periodical Room

Anne Sexton, Two Poems

Charles Simic, Eight Poems

Brian Swann, Heliopolis

L. L. Zeiger, Three Poems


Peter Matthiessen, The Craft of Fiction in Far Tortuga  Full Text


Duane Michals, Portfolio: Margaret Finds a Box

Duane Michals, Portfolio: Stefan Michal's Suitcase