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The Paris Review No. 132, Fall 1994

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Louis Auchincloss discusses sex changes for characters, Trollope’s writing habits, and the Art of Fiction.

Robert Gottlieb on the Art of Editing.

Jews: Extracts from the journals of Alfred Kazin.

Stories by William Gass and Peter LaSalle. Poems by Galway Kinnell and Charles Tomlinson.

Table of Contents


William Gass, Quotations from Chairman Flaubert

Peter LaSalle, Vistas

Melanie Rae Thon, Necessary Angels

Paul West, After Ranji


Louis Auchincloss, The Art of Fiction No. 138  Full Text

Robert Gottlieb, The Art of Editing No. 1  Full Text


Jennifer Ashton, Two Poems

Claire Bateman, Two Poems

Scott Cairns, Necropolitan

Katharine Coles, Natural Disasters

James Cummins, Two Poems

Kent Gardien, Three Poems

Eileen Hennessey, Four Poems

Stewart James, Vanessa

Galway Kinnell, Lackawanna  Full Text

Stephen Leeds, Two Poems

Timothy Liu, Four Poems

Jeredith Merrin, Two Poems

Sarah Messer, Two Poems

Jennifer Miller, Two Poems

Victoria Schlegel, Like Unnatural Words

Stephanie Strickland, Two Poems

Shawn Sturgeon, Two Poems

J. C. Todd, Men Kissing

Charles Tomlinson, Two Poems

Meredith Trede, On Seeing an Ex-Husband


Alfred Kazin, Jews


Pascal Bernier, Table of Contents

Leone and Macdonald, d.b.

Judy Pfaff, The Bivalves