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The Paris Review No. 9, Summer 1955

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“Almost languidly, he pushed the sword home in just the right place, up to the pommel. In that instant Islero raised his head, and stabbed the right horn, the bad one, into the upper part of Manolete’s right thigh”: An essay on the death of a Spanish national hero.

The Art of Fiction: Georges Simenon on the eleven-day novel.

Self-portraits by Matisse, Chagall, and Leger.

Table of Contents


Pati Hill, Cats  Full Text

Kenneth Tynan, The Death of Manolete


Ward Bowers, The Admiral's Hat


Georges Simenon, The Art of Fiction No. 9  Full Text


Thom Gunn, Two Poems

Cecil Hemley, My Absent God

Joseph Langland, The Water Ouzel

Robert Pack, The Parting Fire

Adrienne Rich, Two Poems

Louis Simpson, Windows

Wilfred Watson, A Contempt for Dylan Thomas

James Wright, A Complaint for George Doty


Gilbert Farlane, The Deserter (adapted by Patrick Bowles)

James Leo Herlihy, A Summer for the Dead


Yves Brayer, Sixteen Self-Portraits