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The Paris Review No. 135, Summer 1995

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P. D. James on Sherlock Holmes, the emergence of the female detective, and a fear of painful dying.

“When I sit down at this desk I am still as bashful before the virgin page as I was sixty years ago”: Patrick O’Brian on the Art of Fiction.

A Semester with Allen Ginsberg: Diary excerpts from Elissa Schappell.

An essay by Bernard Cooper. Stories by Rick DeMarinis and Francine Prose. Poems by Lucie Brock-Broido, Thom Gunn, and Sandra McPherson.

Table of Contents


Rick DeMarinis, Experience

C. M. Mayo, Chabela del Rio y de la Fuente Contreras

Francine Prose, A Coincidence at the Vet's


Thom Gunn, The Art of Poetry No. 72  Full Text

P. D. James, The Art of Fiction No. 141  Full Text

Patrick O’Brian, The Art of Fiction No. 142  Full Text


John Ashbery, … by an Earthquake  Full Text

Lucie Brock-Broido, How Can It Be I Am No Longer I

Katharine Coles, Pantoum in which Time Equals Space

Dawn Corrigan, Three Poems

Tom Disch, Two Poems

Stephen Dobyns, Two Poems

Thom Gunn, A Wood Near Athens

John Harvey, Angelus Novus

John Hollander, Variations on a Table-Top

David Jauss, Lemons

Cynthia Kraman, Two Poems

Gwyneth Lewis, Pentecost

William Logan, Three Poems

Richard Lyons, Two Poems

James McManus, Preludes

Sandra McPherson, Lessons Learned From A Small Drawing By Victor Joseph Gatto, Self-Taught Artist

Christopher Middleton, Two Poems

Carl Phillips, Three Poems

Dan Quick, Two Poems

Adrienne Rich, Sending Love

Daniel Rifenburgh, Two Poems

Peter Sacks, Halo for Marianne Moore

Grace Schulman, American Solitude

Maureen Seaton, The Sculpture Garden

Cathy Stern, Three Poems

Roderick Townley, Wave

Karen Volkman, Two Poems

Charles H. Webb, Marilyn's Machine

Susan Wheeler, Four Poems

Charles Wright, Apologia Pro Vita Sua III


Bernard Cooper, The Fine Art of Sighing

Daniil Kharms, Bagatelles

Elissa Schappell, A Semester with Ginsberg

Edmund White, Sketches of Paris


Graham Gilmore, Contents Picture

Judy Glantzman, Drawings