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The Paris Review No. 129, Winter 1993

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Portraits of writers by Allen Ginsberg.

Burning the Days: James Salter recalls life in the Air Force.

Diana Trilling on writing for The Nation, the death of intellectual New York, and the female view of Hemingway.

Stories by Wang Meng and Joanna Scott. Poems by Billy Collins, Wayne Koestenbaum, and Stephen Yenser.

Cover by Dana Gordon.

Table of Contents


Robert Kunkle, This Guy, Seemingly of Mature Years

Wang Meng, The Stubborn Porridge

Joanna Scott, You Must Relax!


William Stafford, The Art of Poetry No. 67  Full Text


David Barber, Durer's Rhinoceros

Nicholas Christopher, Two Poems

Billy Collins, On Turning Ten

Steven Cramer, The Anniversary

Kathy Fagan, Three Poems

Daniel Hall, Bartholomew's Cobble

Judith Hall, Four Poems

Arthur Koestler, Piano Life

Phillis Levin, Two Poems

Jenny Offill, Two Poems

Anna Rabinowitz, Through Many Waters, Leaf-Light, the Tree

Stephen Yenser, Blue Guide


Allen Ginsberg, Cosmopolitan Greetings

James Salter, Burning the Days

Diana Trilling, An Interview


George Plimpton, Notice


Chuck Connelly, Untitled

Medrie MacPhee, Drawings


Bill Clinton, Greetings from the White House

François Mitterrand, La "Paris Review" à 40 ans